In-Home Therapy Support

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» Fall Risk Assessments
» Individualized Treatment Plans
» Identify & Target Specific Deficits
» Short-Term, Achievable Goals

Therapy services has proven to be successful in helping our patients restore physical function, regain mobility, build strength and endurance as well as to enhance their motor skills needed to perform activities of daily living.

These services involve the evaluation and treatment by skilled healthcare professionals through the development of an individualized treatment plan enabling independence with daily living activities designed to restore our patients to their previous levels of function.

Physical Therapy Services include:

  • Building muscular endurance
  • Strengthening to improve joint stability and muscle function
  • Postural re-education and training
  • Balance/coordination training
  • Functional training to improve activities such as walking, standing, bending, squatting, and/or climbing stairs
  • Education on preventing injury or re-injury
  • Pain management

Occupational Therapy Services Include:

  • Supports for older adults experiencing physical and cognitive changes.
  • Comprehensive evaluations of the client’s home
  • Recommendations for adaptive equipment and training in its use
  • Guidance and education for family members and caregivers.

Speech Therapy Services Include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of language, cognition, speech and feeding difficulties resulting from Hearing Impairments, Traumatic Brain Injury , Stroke or Progressive Neurological Conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, MS, Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, etc.
  • Treatments to improve oral motor weakness such as feeding or swallowing, articulation, fluency, receptive and expressive language.
  • Education on treatment techniques and compensatory strategies to use in home.
  • Counseling family members and caregivers on coping with associated stress of specific disorders.